When Icons ATTACK!

When Icons ATTACK! 1.3

When Icons ATTACK! is a shareware crazy arcade game for Windows
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When Icons ATTACK! is a shareware crazy game for Windows. The game features a battlefield; in fact, this field is the typical Windows XP desktop theme. Our spaceship is in the bottom and the enemies, which are tuned-up Window icons, move left and right, and rotate around themselves in the blue sky. They are throwing mines at us all the time. We can get shelter under the barricades, but not forever, because the mines can damage, and finally destroy, our shelter. We should take control and destroy them all. If we manage to get some power-ups we will find our task really easy and fast. The user interface is quite smart and user-friendly. We can read the game rules, configure several options, for example, select whether to play the game in full screen or not, choose the level of difficulty, acceleration effects (none, default, maximum), adjust the speed of our missiles and those of the enemies. We can also choose the video resolution to suit our needs better, set controls, enable/disable cheating, register the game and play. This program runs under Windows Vista, and XP operating systems. We also need to have Microsoft DirectX 9.0 to play the game.

Review summary


  • Lots of options
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable


  • No uninstall options
  • Nagging window for 5 seconds
  • Simple and a little bit boring
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